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What is sociology?




4 Weeks


About the Course

Sociology is a study of the relationship between individuals and societies. Although we as individuals have our own unique attributes, we still can be hugely influenced by powerful social processes. This is why sociologist C. Wright Mills proposed 'sociological imagination', which captures the core vision of sociology by suggesting the idea that we cannot understand individual biographies outside of their social context. Therefore, the purpose of studying sociology is to grasp the duality of individual lives and social structures.

Studying sociology does not limit us to only being sociologists. It opens up an array of career opportunities, particularly in welfare, education, social research, and policy making. Sociology also strengthens us in thinking from a sociological perspective and written communication that is useful in jobs like marketing, human resources, public relations, journalism, and more.

People studying sociology can also specialise in their scope of interest, such as social policy or political sociology, when approaching a Master's level. Then, it is possible to carry on to study for a PhD, which allows them to work in research and lecturing.

Your Instructor

Camilla Jones

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Camilla Jones
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