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Lab practicals


About the Course

Most biomedical science degrees teach theory which is later backed up through practicals which can be used to apply the taught theory.

If the course you are studying is IBMS accredited then you will need to complete a laboratory complacency test to ensure your lab skills are up to practise, this is normally a pass/fail event and consists of; weighing, pipetting, microscopy and spectroscopy. Not to worry, the tests are normally fairly examined and extra assistance is given if unsuccessful.

You will get to use real blood, not normally from humans but maybe if you are lucky. You will become experts on using microscopes and staining procedures. In order to complete the stuff practicals you must be able to create the boring serial dilutions and create buffers to prevent damage to sample.

Regularly completed lab classes;

Gel electrophoresis

Histological fixation

Histological staining

Water spirometry

Bacteria identification (microbiology)

Blood smears

Blood count (visualising monolayer and identifying ghost cells)

H&E staining

PAS staining

D-PAS staining


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