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Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The study of the immune system and how it responds to different pathogens

You will learn about the different arms of the immune system (Innate and adaptive) and there different adaptations which allow them to be successful. Each of these systems have two other arms; humoral and cellular.

Humoral = mucus, fever

Cellular = Leukocytes

You will be taught about different cytokines and hormones which activate different cells and their function. There are plenty of immune cells which need to be memorised however, most of them have very different functions to others and therefore, are not too hard to remember.

I found it most difficult to remember where the cells were produced and where they matured.

I found this module very interesting because it is very applied because we have all been ill and this gives you great knowledge into why we feel like we do when we are ill. On the other hand, when you are ill all you can think about this is and you imagine all your cells doing their jobs.

This is a very difficult subject to learn but of the amount of content. But there is hope, there are some great YouTube channels and books which can help. I have linked one of the books in the reading list section. My favourite YouTube channel on this section is kurzgesagt (in depth content) and crash course (more superficial content).

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