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How to cite Vancouver referencing


- Why do I have to cite? Citations are needed to ensure that the literature used is up to standard and from peer reviewed data. In addition, it allows the marker to see where you got your data from and check that you have interpreted it correctly and accurately. In science it is important to use sources which are peer reviewed and recent, most universities will frown upon using articles written over 10 years ago because the data becomes out dated and unreliable.

- Which referencing style should I use?

There are loads of different referencing styles which are used for different subjects. However when referencing in biomedical science and pharmacy we use Vancouver style. However, some universities like to use a different style. Please double check which style you should be using.



Book = x. Author(s). Title. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher; Year.

Book chapter = x. Author(s). Title of chapter. In: Editor(s), editors. Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher; Year. Page range.

Journal = x. Author(s). Article title. Journal Name (abbreviated). Year Month Day; Volume(Issue):page range. Available from: URL DOI

Website = x. Author(s). Title [Internet]. Year [cited Date]. Available from: URL

x represents the reference number.

There are some automated websites which can be used to generate references;

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